West Jackson Sampling

Coming to the end of preschool sessions for the year.  Here are a few from West Jackson bunch!




Two latest preschool sessions.  They are such characters!  Creative Beginnings kiddos, you’re up next!tvcc Untitled-1

Sweet Sixteen Senior

On occasion I will do senior photos.  But this wasn’t such a session.  Nope.  We’re calling these “Very Delayed Junior HIgh Photos” because that way it doesn’t feel like she’s really graduating and moving on ;).  Easier to deal with.   This girl has already proven that she can do whatever she sets her mind to do.  We’re excitedly waiting to see what’s next for her!


I loved being about to photograph these precious kid.  Three families worth of cuteness!DSC_9947 DSC_9942 DSC_9934 DSC_9890 DSC_9816bw DSC_9770 DSC_9733bw DSC_9689 DSC_9644bw DSC_9630 DSC_9591 DSC_9589bw DSC_9583 DSC_9573

Have a Good Day


Always my favorite on little girls.overalls

Shave and a Haircut

Shave and a Haircut…Not really, though.  He’s only two after all.  But for several decades Mr. Scallion has cut hair in this barber shop, and time kinda stands still when you walk in.  He had his last working day last month, but was kind enough to let the littlest Waddey sit in the chair – on the board to raise him up even!  That boy sat so still and thought he was so big 🙂

DSC_8821 DSC_8822 DSC_8828 DSC_8829 DSC_8832