Terrific Twos!

If I had to narrow it down to one favorite age, it would be two.  Baby Waddey recently turned two and is already a pro at it.  He can run REALLY fast, make messes with the best of them, and give kisses all day long.  He doesn’t miss a thing!  DSC_8166 DSC_8178 DSC_8239 DSC_8246

Raindrop Babies


No one dampened these babies’ smiles today!  Day one of West Jackson MDO spring photos was full of grins and giggles.  Looking forward to the next day o’ fun :)

Creative Beginnings

Creative Beginnings photos are up.  One thing to note is that the “Snugglers” link was accidentally left off the sheets that were sent home, but that link is the same format as the others that are listed.  Please let me know if  you have any questions!

Photos are up!  The links are on the forms that were sent home.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Day one with another great preschool is done :) Enjoy this small sampling. 



Mystery Fox

I took some photos of this Waddey the other day.  This one in particular is fascinated by foxes.  So after going through the images on my computer, I decided her very own fox would be a great addition :)  I showed her the picture and she loved it!  I didn’t tell her I added it though.  I told her it was a really fast fox that was there for just a second while we were taking pictures.  Her response? “Oh, I thought I heard something, but I thought it was just a deer.”


And some foxless photos:



Thank YOU!

THANK YOU for voting Robin Waddey Childrens’ Portraiture Readers’ Choice Favorite Photographer for 2014! I TRULY have had some of the greatest sessions with the greatest children. To celebrate, I’m including a FREE 8×10 print of your choice (in addition to the 5 digital images) when you schedule a Back to School Mini Session for August 16th! THANKS AGAIN!



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