Take Another Step

One more step. That’ll get you a rattle. And bragging rights.

One Year Old

From this newly one-year-old: In just one year I’ve learned how to roll over, sit up, crawl, walk, walk faster, climb, jabber, belly laugh, climb, control a houseful of people, roll a ball, ride my scooter, “fold” clothes, eat with a spoon, play peek-a-boo, jump in my bed, chase the dog, and the cat, make my mama function on 4 hours of sleep per night, put Legos together, get my own diaper, and woo the people at stores. I think today I’ll just sit here rest.”
That’s a good idea, baby boy. Happy 1st Birthday!



West Jackson parents, your photos are up, and you will be receiving information on links and how to order tomorrow.  Also, I have openings for more preschool sessions this spring.  If you are reading this and have a child, work at, or own a preschool/daycare/Mother’s Day Out, and would be interested in photos like these, please contact me.


And I am tired!  I haven’t even made it through all the photos (not even close to it), but wanted to post some from today.  And it IS the first day spring, so enjoy all these spring cuties!  Thanks, MDO,  for letting me shoot your portraits again this year.  It’s always a fun time :)wj220

I can honestly say I love photographing at preschools. This one is definitely no exception – great workers, sweet kids, and lots and lots of fun! Really! And these are just a FEW of the kids I was lucky enough to photograph today. I’ll have some from day two later this week, but for now, I know some mamas are anxious to see what we did today :)
Please know that I’m always ready to add more preschools to my schedule. Please contact me if you know of a preschool, daycare, or Mother’s Day Out that might be interested in some unique and fun photographs for their children. Thanks!

Day One of Two

I finished day one of a daycare session today.  So tonight I’m sorting through the however many photos and just wanted to share some quickly.  I chose to show all black & whites ones on the blog this time – I absolutely love B&W !  This is a great bunch of kids, don’t you think ?  :)



Five Months!

We’ve hit the five month mark with baby Waddey. My intentions were to get cute, lying on his belly pushing up pictures today before he decided he was beyond such silliness. He gave me one shot before deciding he was going to be uncooperative and flip over to his back. Repeatedly. This is that one shot. DSC_1798
Just screams sweet, cuddly baby doesn’t it?
Here are some of the ones he allowed me to get. He doesn’t look nearly as devious in these :)5mos



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